(Numskull*talking) Like*

they always say what's good fo Num is always good fo Yuk Let's. Get
high (Christion).


blunts a day Hin
an ala zae 20.
blunts a day Hin
an ala zae (Christion.

*Numskull Yukmouth) One*

(echos) (Drink A Lot all.... day) Two
(echos) Five
(echos) (Smoke A Lot all.... day) Twenty
(echos) Verse

1 (Numskull) *You*

know what I came to do Came,
to drink wit a gold face same as you Drop,
a fifty on the bar For,
a fifth of Hindu Got,
freaks wit me gotta get gin too I,
know hoes think the same as me 'cause,
they came to the club lookin like freak nasty Pullin,
niggaz on the floor Dance,
nasty as you wanna Rub-a-dub-dub,
dance in the corner Same,
ol shit Same,
ol hits Same,
ol click Same,
ol dick Bitch,
don't look in my eyes 'cause,
I ain't payin Ya,
shoulda known pimpy-doo niggaz ain't playin Juss,
pull down yo drawls so a nigga can see 'cause,
I doubt that the pussy is fuckin wit me Pop,
a coochie to the back Pop,
a coochie to the front But,
damn open, yo thighs pick up my nigga BLUNT What,
ya really want What,
ya really need Pop,
the breaks on that shit an lets get keyed Girl,
I always pictured you in neon lights Big,
44 double D's What,
a sight You,
an me both we can get respect Two,
triple shots of hin an we'll be on deck You,
my type You,
ol hoe You,
my type You,
know Chorus.

(Christion) *Hin*

an, ala-zae I'm, feelin like I wanna hurl Hin.
an, ala-zae I, think I'm gonna leave this world Hin.
an, ala-zae I, been drink-a-lot all day Hin,
an, ala-zae that's, why I'm lookin this way Hin.
an, ala-zae I, think I need a lil mo Hin.
an, ala-zae send, yo mama to the store Hin.
an, ala-zae I, can't keep my vision straight Hin.
an, ala-zae Verse.

2 (Yukmouth) *ZAE*


Smoke-A-Lot, Why,
you smoke 20??
blunts a day you, don't choke Why,
bitches doggystyle nut, down yo throat Get,
up while my dick on yo coat An,
I'm bumpin Too $hort Down,
the block Three,
on fourth My,
nigga Num drunk on the porch off a mutha fuckin quart of O E.Nickle.,
an dime ass nigga To,
a top hat balla Big,
rigga like E-Fourtee Niggaz,
know me Smoke-A-Lot,
only smoke weed blow, trees Whole,
keys See,
me in a E-3 dub Rollin,
sweet up everytime, you see Yuk Peep,
us Only,
bad bitches beep us Turn,
yo main squeaze into a cheata Smokin,
reefa Took,
off my DK's An,
she fucked us up wit the whole sneaka An,
her pussy Lift,
yo ass cheeks up so I could see Mix,
the hashes up wit the back yard boogie Woogie,
nuts on yo Donna Carra hoodie if it's all goodie An,
be a Ride,
a Benz wit my knees what Breakin??
trees up Rollin,
weed up On,
my way to the V-up To,
put the g's up See,
Yuk Hella,
high tinky, eyed like Korea (chorus).


blunts a day I, been gettin high all day 20.
blunts a day an, the blunts get bigger 20.
blunts a day excuse, me if my eyes are glazed 20.
blunts a day that's, why I'm lookin this way 20.
blunts a day eenie-meenie, minie-mo, 20,
blunts a day sticky, sticky, indo 20,
blunts a day step, aside an let me blaze 20
blunts a day Blazed.

*live Crew) Verse*

3 (Black *Marquis) Do*

it on the way to San Jose 20,
blunts a day from the dock of the Bay Niggaz,
I'm scratch But,
they call it Killa Kali I'm,
walkin through the spot in my crocodile ballies 20,
bag please 20,
Deep East I,
finna smoke a stanky an get high as a tree Wit,
my dime piece mommie Queen,
bees keeper When,
the bitch shake her ass Nigga,
you should see her Wit,
a taped on braclet Diamond,
laced watches Mosskimo,
jeans Wit,
her condoms in the pocket The,
bitch is real bad in a drop-top Jag Sittin,
on chrome shelf on paper tag Slidin,
off g-string off in a coach bag Dolla,
sign eyes an, a stash full of hash Verse.

4 (Young *Smooth Ice) Back*

to the side where niggaz blaze Home,
of the crew an, the booty shake Straight,
packed club where the hoes be poppin Dick,
all hard tryin, to shake a lil sumpthin Lookin,
fo the one that'll do me right Who,
keep me cummin all through the night Ain't,
no pitty if you fall to your knees Fuck,
me Suck,
me But,
nigga please Let,
a nigga hit it Bitch,
I know you wit From,
the back 'cause, my dicks all in it I,
stick it in like, it ain't no thang Dick,
stay hard OD'd,
on Ginseng Come,
an be my private dancer A,
playa like me is yo only answer Holla,
at yo boy if you wanna play I,
got hoes from Miami up, to the Bay (echos). (chorus)

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20 Blunts A Day Lyrics

Luniz – 20 Blunts A Day Lyrics