The world is full of nonsense
The world is full of lies
I'm sick of your Satan
I'm sick of your Christ

Belief makes you so blind
Truth you don't try to find
You think that truth is there
Only on your side

There is no king of darkness and evil
There is no Satan, there is no devil
There is no god of love and goodness
There is no one who can stop the madness

Belief - just for the week - minded
You don't understand it
Truth - you can't find it - where
You don't understand it

If you believe in Satan - the ruler of hell
Why don't you follow him - go to hell
Kill yourself and - stop bothering me - die

If you believe in Jesus - the lord of heaven
I can send you heaven-ward - right to Eden
I will crucify you - like your idol - die
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The World Is Full Of Lies Lyrics

Lunatic Gods – The World Is Full Of Lies Lyrics