I'm a psychotic, neurotic
A regular Frankenstein
I got worms in my head
And there eating up my mind
I'm a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic
Psychopathic mongoloid
With every breath I steal life
Descend into the void
Strychnine inmy brain
Running in circles
But you can't try to tame me


Can't you see it's all connected?
Can't you see it's all connected?
You know I have to be respected
I'll see you in your nightmares
Ultramachine eyes; your fears
I'm Jack The Ripper, Clarence Thomas
In disguise, revised
I got supersonic ears and big brother eyes
Surprise! Look in the mirror
'cause I posses the best in you


Wake up and open your mind
You seem so hard to find
All alone in the darkness
Your mind is such a mess,
Wondering what will happen if you go over the edge
Nno pennies in the wishing well
In a corner amongst the fools
Jesus Christ will love you
'till you die and go to hell!
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Rip U Lyrics

Lunachicks – Rip U Lyrics