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Well I remembered to give you a heart
Filled with longing and desire to return to the start
I remembered to build you some wings
With the hope that they’d always carry you in

I remembered to color you fine
With all the colors of a greyscale weighed down with flight
I remembered to teach you to sing
At morning’s light your voice was an offering

But I had forgotten the reason why
I made you only to set you free and watch you fly

Well I realized as I watched you one night
A song of a caged bird is a hope without season or sight
I realized as you sang up on stage
If you love something don't ever keep it in a cage

So I retrieved you from your cage on landlock love
And carried you out to where the evening sky bends down from above
And I released you into arms of open dawn
You were looked back then a silhouette then a teardrop then gone

Well I have forgiven but never forgot
The reason I caged you is the reason your lost

Well I’ll never look back and ill never change
Ill never go back and be the same
And Ill never say it was the luck of the draw
Cause you leaving me was under love’s law
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Love's Law Lyrics

Luke Topping – Love's Law Lyrics