I saw you standing in a running tram
Reading well with your hat on your head
Out was cold, freezing, everything
But one look at you made me warm

You've got me looking in the window's eyes
Feeling something made us both smile
You're the best I ever saw
But I ain't got no time at all

I don't have time

I got my way and I feel alright
For some things I gave my life
No fears no being bad
I hope it doesn't make you sad

And there's a girl I like a lot
She's been good and she's been around
I just can't be the one who'll let her down
So I'll frame your picture in my mind

I don't have time

And this tram keeps riding on
On the next stop you're getting off
Wish you were here much before
Then we could have had some fun

Now I don't have time
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I Don't Have Time Lyrics

Luka Belani – I Don't Have Time Lyrics