My dream
My wish
To become filthy rich
To become boxing champ of this whole damn ring
Cause i can rhyme and sing
Either way you no match for me
I even bust da referee
For trying to be make me bleed
So i bust him to his knees
He was begging me to leave
So i bust him on his mouth cheek
Then he fell down straight from his feet
He was blacked out and dazed
They told me to stop and cooperate
But either way i didn't accept his face
When i see him again
Hell be knocked down dead
Cause nigga i don't play
Don't play no more games
I don't play no arcade
I just sippin on drinks
Its water what did you think
Beer not from him
Cause Luis don't do those things
Join me to my Wedding
To mary my girl Mary
Her last name is Jane
She all fat and ready
Calm down nigga get steady
Cause im done with the freestyle
Yall niggaz need to stop plexxin
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My Goal And Wish Lyrics

Luis Rios AKA El Rey – My Goal And Wish Lyrics

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