This time I tried to plagiarize a smile
To show the lightness of heart
But the first glance dismantled the part of heart and gut
The grin, to the clear eyes that mirrored me
The grin, to the black eyes that mirrored me

Coughing a smile out of droning words and colors
Fabricate laughter and the sanity of self
Because the lie of this life is the lie of all the
Useless sorrow
That feeds this want and brings rise to error

Why must it be! ?

The only cure
The only remedy

I tried again to undertake a small spot of yearning
(The longing, the lust)
But the second trial failed to stop the part of heart and

These thoughts, tenfold, flashing chemicals for a new day
Slow the blood, damn the flood
The maddest of minds
The maddest of times
Bereft of dismay
I stand and fight nothing
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The Only Cure The Only Remedy Lyrics

Ludicra – The Only Cure The Only Remedy Lyrics