See my love will never change my love for you will stay the same

Nicholas: baby girl come home to me
Stop playing these games with me
Don't need no 2 faced
Come'on let me rock yo world
I can see your the one 4 me
Come on baby just let it be
Me and you can not be beat
So baby don't cheat on me


Zabrian: look at yall nigga want to hate on me
Cause I'm banked up ridin in the lexus G
With the diamond ring and the platinum grill
These girls wanna call me the man of steel
Yall can see I'm A pimp
When I come through don't yall try and stop me
If you didn't know I have no shame my love 4 you will stay the same

Chorus (4X)

5 things I have to say to you

1. My love is true
2. I love you
3. My hearts in flame
4. I have no shame
5. My love will always stay the same

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My Love Lyrics

Ludacris – My Love Lyrics