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Howhere Lyrics

Ludacris – Howhere Lyrics

[Ludacris] Hey, get me 2-Ho-4! Yo, hello?
[I-20] Luda?
[Luda] What's up boy?
[I-20] What's up, nigga? This is 20

[Luda] Where you at?
[I-20] Shit, over here at the Texa-ho filling up

[Luda] Yeah, yeah, I feel that

[I-20] Yo yo check it out, yo you still got that girl Stacy number from Valle-hoe?
[Luda] No, no, I think I lost that

[I-20] Oh no, c'mon, man, I'm trying to cut her, man! You can't check your Hoe-ledex or something?
[Luda] Man hold on let me see dog. Stacy, Stacy... Oh Chicag-ho?
[I-20] Nah, nah, nigga Valle-ho!
[Luda] Stacy, Stacy... Oh, Ohi-ho, that's what you talking about?
[I-20] Nah, nigga, Valle-ho, Valle-ho!
[Luda] Man, your ass! Here we ho again! Nah, man, I'm sitting here looking and I don't have it. I don't see no Valle-ho

[I-20] Fuck fuck it, man; I'll cut Shondrae. Oh, hey man, congratulations, I forgot to tell you that shit. Didn't your sister graduate today?
[Luda] Oh yeah dog you know what I'm saying? Valor-dick-whorian and all man

[I-20] Yeah, that's tight, man

[Luda] Shit, look, I'm about to break out though, dog, what's up?
[I-20] For real nigga where you finna ho?
[Luda] Yeah, man, I'm about to hit these roomster hoes right quick

[I-20] Aw, nigga, you can't come get me?
[Luda] Nigga, I'm in the middle of howhere! Shit!
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