When my friend comes over
We sit on the sofa
And most of our clothes are other people's
With hairstyles the same as
The rich and the famous
We're certainly no strangers
To pins and needles

She's caught up completely
In afternoon TV
She smiles when she sees me
A sheepish grin
We might be dressed as
The young and the restless
But the one thing we're best at
Is sleeping in

She's OK occasionally
Not today, but wait and see

Now we're talking
But look how we're yawning
It's one in the morning
And there's two on the couch
A hand to hold or a comforting shoulder
It's time that I told her I'm all talked out

She's telling me she's tired of relationships
And I'm bending bits of wire into paperclips
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The Invention Of Ordinary Everyday Things Lyrics

Lucksmiths – The Invention Of Ordinary Everyday Things Lyrics