Like Prisoners we wear these chains,
We're innocent and we're through
With rules that say be home at 12.
They can't tell us what to do.
They tell when it's safe to be
Out in our community.
We know the rules,
We disagree
We'll stay out late tonight.
Many opportunities
Are wasted when authority
Takes away our right to be
Ourselves, doing what we do.
So if an when I'm doing wrong
Just save your rules
And play along.
Quit your acting so uptight
'Cuz we are staying out tonight!
They'll tie us down!
(but I don't care!)
They'll stay home!
(but we're going everywhere!)
They'll tie us down!
(but I don't care no more!)
We've still got so much time
Before we're forced to live like you.
Our time to choose not to live our lives
Without a little sacrifice
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House Arrest Lyrics

Luckie Strike – House Arrest Lyrics