Shout! X4
I won't repeat everything I did before
I saw the treason in your eyes
You will regret what you have done

Now I am disappointed but it's just another wrong prediction
Life has taught me not to trust anyone and be immune to words
I don't want you to feel sorry for me, I just want your respect
If you do something wrong, assume your fault and suffer in remorse
There is no time to change it

Don't forget that I'm not waiting

It's not my fault that I was wrong
And now I need to stay away
Thinking of you before the others.
This is the only way

Like you come, you go
This is the end of our path
We all walk alone throughout our life
We just need to find a friend in our loneliness
This is my valediction
This is my goodbye

People want everything but nothing satisfies them
Appreciate what you have at all times, not when it is gone
Betrayal is your name
I don't believe that people change
Sincerity is not enough if you don't change the way you act
Regret is useless if you hurt others again

It's not my fault that I was wrong
And now I need to stay away
Thinking of you before the others
This is the only way

There is no way to escape from everything you've done
Forget those times and live a new day
There's no time to stay in all those moments that were everything before

We don't respect those who are not sincere
'Cause we are the ones who don't believe in promises
One word is the only thing you need for change
One word is all you need for revenge
We will fight for truth until we are dead
'Cause we don't want to live a lie until the end of our days
What is wrong with me? What have I done to deserve everything I suffer every day?
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Pierced By Knives Lyrics

Luck Is For Losers – Pierced By Knives Lyrics

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