In a circle of darkness, I'm blessed by Satan, principle of the infernal legions, materialized in my throne.
In a circle of fire, I'm blessed by Lucifer, the spirits of the darkness burning in flames.

In a circle of power, I'm blessed by Belial, evil emperor of the thousand abysses.
In a circle of demons, I'm blessed by Leviathan, guardian of the infernal legions, beyond of this dimension.

The darkness prevails in a demons throne, Lucifer rape Christian souls, furious winds, howls of pain, Lucifer burning in flames, behold the abyss, the abyss speaks for me.

Summoning satanic forces, in a magic circle, fourth shadows invoke, the Satan's empire, guardians of demoniac supremacy, supreme infernal legions are summoning now.
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Supreme Infernal Legions Lyrics

Luciferian – Supreme Infernal Legions Lyrics