Surrounded by a very stormy sea
I feel as if we won't win
As I f ind much love deep inside
Of my heart, I realize the truth
I will stand up against anything
To defend the promise I made
I surround myself in a searing
Hot light, frolicking about
We'll burn hotter than the sun
Hotter still, hotter still, hotter still
Our voices ring out louder, higher
Still, higher still, higher still
Now it's our time
Now it's our time!
Every beat of our hearts play out
A love - filled melody
We understand the truth that
Comes out through each precious beat
As we gaze up above towards
The cloudless clear blue sky
The beating of our hearts cause
Our hearts to fill up with all our love
We'll be born again within this
Perfect Harmony!
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Perfect Harmony Lyrics

Luchia – Perfect Harmony Lyrics