Well don't you stop wasting time, and come back down the line,
I'm right where you left me before.

I can't say I've been Behaved, you'd not believe me anyways,
There's been other women of course.

So hold me to this one.
I wont make the same mistakes anymore.
Come on now darling, please darken my door.

With me it's where you belong, so bring yourself back home.
We'll tear this town down to the ground.

White water tavern nights, old songs and cheap red wine.
There's no finer mess to be found

I'll hold you to this one
I still hear your footsteps crossing the floor
Come on now darling please darken my door

Your bare feet on hardwood can barely make a sound
From the kitchen to the bedroom with all the lights down.
A glass of water, some whiskey, the smoke in your hair
All I taste is the perfume you wear.

Yeah, that perfume you wear.

I don't expect that you will stay, gone are the good ole' days,
Damn weren't we sure something else.

I've caused enough trouble here, so girl get it in high gear
And come save me from myself.

We'll hold to this one
I still taste that god awful perfume you wore.

Now we'll hold to this one
Wont make the same mistakes anymore
Come on now darling please darken my door

Well come on now darling
Well come on now darling
Come on now darling please darken my door...
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Darken My Door Lyrics

Lucero – Darken My Door Lyrics