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Letter To The World Lyrics

Lucas Coly – Letter To The World Lyrics

I try to keep that shit cool but
It's alot of pain on my muthafuckin heart
But it's like
You know I'll just talk my shit
Fuck it

Boy, I'm really going hard in this bitch
Lord knows, Lord knows
I put my heart in this shit
It's like anatomy
I'm feeling like a star in this bitch
And if you try me pussy
I will pull yo card in this bitch
I done went through so much but I still got 'em
See I'm a real nigga so I got some real problems
Young nigga with a vision You could never stop 'em
I know I'm getting to the top but it feel like the bottom
Cause I be going through it nigga
I ain't never happy
People say they got me
Funny how they never had me
I want Rick Owens, Bape
I ain't talking Macy's
I want the green, no veggies
I ain't talking Casey, yeah
Me and these people ain't the same
That's it
I wanna paint a perfect picture
Just to hang that bitch
Crazy how a lot of shit'll going change that quick
I know this lady called life
Man I hate that bitch

Fuck it
I think alot but I stay quiet
I ain't never telling
They love to tell me fuck the past but my heart dwelling
I want that fast money
Yeah, I should start selling
But they'll kick me out the country if I turn a felon
This is real shit, I'm down but I gotta face it
I ain't tryin' rush greatness, I'm gone have to pace it
Brain busy, I can never keep my thoughts vacant
This shit foul like either technical or flagrant
And I be too nice
Gotta stop that
People call me when they need me
Gotta watch that
I put the time in and never get a clock back
I give 'em diamonds, all I do is get a rock back
I got ideas but I kind of gotta plan more
I want a family bro
Fuck being a man whore
CAuse being loyal is everything I stand for
If we ain't brothers, why the fuck you shake my hand for?
They say I'm close to money, like a triple A
So I pray every morning, I don't ever skip a date
My life a movie
To be honest, I'm a clip away
Want the water on my diamonds
I'm a drip away
And these niggas, I don't get it
Doing shit for fame
Y'all done tried me with this shit but I ain't dropping names
I don't see no talent
Some of y'all don't look right
I guess everybody back up on that Suge Knight
Ain't that hoe shit? I don't know, shit
Who do I trust? Everybody on that "bro" shit
My head gone, now it got me on some slow shit
Every time I get better, it be more shit
I'm staying simple, I ain't never ever bugging
If I'm doing good, cool
I ain't ever stunting
I keep it real
Fuck it
Y'all know how I'm coming so if I die
Tell the government, I seen it coming
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