I Do It All, I Do It All, I Do it All, I'm Mr. Do It All, I Do it All, I do
It All, I do it All, I'm Mr. Do it All, I do it all

Verse 1

Flawless, make they Jaws drop, now they jawless,
I'm an artist, the hardest today,
When y'all in disarray, I done called it a day, up up and awaaay
Celebrate life to the extreme,
Got the Grey Goose bottles chillin Wayne Gretzky,
Skate through life make wake like a jet ski,
Wake bake as long as the Lord let's me (Amen)
So get up, get out and get something,
Miniscule trials and tribulations is nothing.
As long as my bloods pumpin,
I'll be into something,
Makin my carriage out of a pumpkin.
It's all about the lettuce not the dressin,
So if you aint impressin, well then you need to be.
I did it illegally, then did it repeatedly,
It really ain't a thing to me cuz


Verse 2

6 in the A. M. I'm up,
Pull out my tree I'm about to climb up
Doesn't matter which one swishers lined up,
Tim Lincecum to your hitters lineup.
You can't touch the kid, I'm untouchable,
The Fresh Prince in a family of Huxtables,
The fresh fish in a store full of lunchables,
I Do It All, so naturally I'm comfortable.
To grab the mic and throw a fit,
Like a baby with a diaper full of shit.
And I admit, that I have it,
And if I don't, then I'll grab it
Never been a wise man, never been a chump
Never been a Weissman, never been a Trump.
Always had my pride, never lose my focus,
Angels get my back till the whole world notice.

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I Do It All Lyrics

LPMD – I Do It All Lyrics