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Copycat Lyrics

Lox Chatterbox – Copycat Lyrics

This is dedicated to all those copycats

You just a motherfuckin' copycat
Fuck yo ambience, they call me Lox (Hi Lox)
Chances that you fuckin' with me, probably not
Ninja shit, karate chops
Like weak pallbearers, bo-bo-bodies drop
I'm obviously on some other shit, your squad is not
And all these suckers on my stick, I call 'em lollipops
Bark bark, feed 'em to the shark sharks
Top of the list, I get to haters like they aardvarks
Fuck with me, I got the plug like a car spark
Episode III, flow to you Jar-Jars
Bananas though, an animal
Crazy shit that make yo bitch take a sabbatical
The young harlequin, got it like Rastafarians
Purple haze like Jimi's on a guitar again
Ha-la-la-lucinatin', I'm seeing stars again
But this ain't Coachella an' those ain't holograms

(What's purple haze? You got me purple dazed
I can't even understand a single word you says)

U-u-urban life, u-u-urban ways
Turn this bitch to a spectacle like Cirque Du Soleil

Just a motherfuckin copycat
Why you lyin', you ain't thought o' that
Riding someone else's dick
You fuckin' lying back

You just a motherfuckin' copycat
Somebody tear these bitches up, professor's here
You know the Chatterbox forever rockin' at your wheel
They sayin' this Illuminati shit, puppeteer
Elevated, you ain't even on the second tier
They kick cannabis, smokin' like shit's glamorous
Get in some shit, probably as quick as I slip out of it
Sick calibre, hustle like Lip Gallagher
Muzzle your chick 'fore I get ruffled and flip out on her
Customarily built, you ain't touchin' the kid's altitude
Travellin' 239,000 miles dude, miles dude
Lunar status, to the moon and back
These bitches sleepin' on me but I'm used to that
Can't tell me nothin', yo bitch can't tell me nothin'
I leave with Gisele, they gettin' fucked like jelly stuffing
I can tell you crumblin' cause you softer than a belly button
That's why I can cook it up and all you do is smell the oven
I feel like every new release I drop, these rapper's bite
It's like I'm only here to feed you fucking parasites
And what the labels feed me, I don't have the appetite
And all you copycats can blow me like a fucking bag of pipes
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