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Solitary Confinement Lyrics

Lovy Cylines – Solitary Confinement Lyrics

(Verse 1)
I’m looking in the mirror with a facial-looking sad
When visions to my existence dig out truth from my past
The righteous and the poor, see the odds (when I) levitate
When I’m living in the city where the streets are turning mad
The devil on my shoulder till my soul is wrecking bad
Brushing truth with the powder, living lies in the press
To some it feels nice, killing for the faith
Lucky, living off the dice, it’s like a losing race
Here’s the new world order in the music industry
To some this’s like a tale of another mystery
And to some this’s like eternal hell and the misery
And to some they’re long gone deep into history
Now the fate gat all y’all even if you have a leer
Metamorphosis; attitude, a cavalier
Success gone sour everyday so hard to cheer
The waves rocking tough and so they have a beer


Many things, strangest things you ever seen
Oh, look at how they swing, would you look at how they swing?
Embedded they go, no eyelids gone low
Or gone by sundown, they're dodging 5-0

(Verse 2)
I’m reminiscing now through the visions and dreams
To the days of the saints and the angel emcees
Making music with the lost and the broken CDs
And hopping for the special day when you listen to this
But you’re living in deep lies, loving the freak vice
Vision with fake eyes, and battle in blurred lines
Vision like tree size, bitches for free dines
Flowin with fake rhymes, you lying on blood lines
So fame is for the weak, you living in the shadows
I gat the MIC and the Beat, disposing off faggots
Living lies and the pricks, there’s nothing like stardom
They turn your soul into mist, you exist in the shadows
Yo! Living like the sea water, I’m living so free
Waterfalls make me feel like you’re falling on my knees
Mother Nature is my code when you’re feeling that breeze
Feeling music for the soul when I’m rocking the streets

Outro: uh, Lovy Cylines, solitary confinement, uh, yeah…

(Chorus )
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