Honey baby hold up for a minute
You've got this all wrong.
The bumps and creeks you hear in the closet
Are vultures singing this song.

A party of five getting down in our bed
They shriek at the sight of your eyes, crimson red.
Where is he hiding? No pill could help you to forget

You shout, I've the most loathsome, rancid old tongue
That you'd ever felt but look who's talking love,
It can make you sick in ways you never thought of..
So let this slide…. One time...

Honey baby, hold up for a minute
Your hearing my words wrong
I didn't say that I’d loved another
I said I love this song, when I'm with you.

[Verse 2:]
You peel the back the curtain, I'm a loch ness.
I didn't mean to cause a scene or distress.
Now that you're here, your gown looks uncomfortable, yes?

I'm still the most venomous, rabid old dog
Nobody too thick to ride on the hog
In the dark we're all the same so baby tug-on,
And let this slide, a second time


[Last chorus]
Honey baby, let’s just get on with it
We’ve only got till dawn
I can’t say I’ll never love another
I’m a bad guy on the run, running from you, from you
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Bad Guys Lyrics

LoveSix – Bad Guys Lyrics