[Verse 1: Bjorn]
I don't know where to start
I'm just a little lost
But if I go far away (go far away)
I just need some time to play
You had the key to my heart
You opened it and I left it open, for you

[Bridge: Both]
But my heart been broken enough
And I don't want it to happen again
And if I lose you

[Chorus: Both]
If I loved you enough I can't take the pain away you gave me
That's just how it works
When we have this last dance
You come and take my hand
Like I was your friend
It's not just how it's gonna be
When we have this last dance

[Verse 2: Ronay]
When someone called you, you don't tell me who
When someone texted you, you don't let me see
Now I'm done, I've had enough of you
We were like the double rainbow we saw
You know how it hurts when I'm without you


[Verse 3: Both]
Just don't be afraid
Come to me, nothing is going to happen
Cause I need you, and what if it makes 2 of us
I hope you're happy, I hope you found someone who loves you babe...

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This Last Dance Lyrics

LoveGoesCrazy – This Last Dance Lyrics

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