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From: Me Lyrics

Love & Politix – From: Me Lyrics

Verse One

She does somethin' strange for some change to put cocaine in her veins
She wakes up in pain because everyday's the same
She can't move, the drug abuse has made her deranged
And the pedophile next to her, doesn't know her name
And he doesn't care, because he's clinically insane
And this girl is just a girl because to him it's just a game
He can play with her body while destroying her brain
The baby in her womb is already in the flames
The sex is recorded but she doesn't feel ashamed
She wanted wealth and power, prestige and fame
This is just another story of how John meets Jane
Because she made the choice, there's no one else to blame
If time is of the essence then it's time she make a change
Before she overdoses or injects herself with AIDS
How can she find the answer if the question's never raised?
Her books already finished and she never wrote a page
And this girl could be my daughter can you see why I'm enraged?
I couldn't be a man if this girl I wouldn't save
Because sex for drugs is the most disgusting trade
She'd rather be depraved when you tell her to behave
You tell her she's in danger, she says it's just a phase
So you bear the mental anguish and you love her any way
But before you pass judgment, wade into her water
And help this girl swim, she may just be your...daughter


I gave you all of me, I promised to/I've done everything, you wanted me to
What more do you want from me?
What more do you want from me?
What more do you want from me?
What more do you want from me?

Verse Two

Cursed but this is the life God has given me
So I just hope and pray, that God has forgiven me
From the death I deserve, I pray God deliver me
I know what sin is because I'm the epitome
God see this path I chose look what I've done
I've murdered a man and that man was somebody's son
And that man had one child plus another one comin'
I can understand if Hell is the only place that I'm summoned
Alone with this pen my home is now this pen
To live in my own skin until I atone for my sins
Multiply this pain by two, there was another father
Who also had two kids, now that man is a martyr
That means there's four kids with a future without a father
I've just made four kids, two wives lives much harder
Not to mention the families to sad to ask why
There brother, their cousin, their uncle, their friend who had to die
Trust me, there is no one on this earth as mad as I
To lose what I had but glad my Dad's alive
And no I don't deserve my Dad but I'm glad that I
Still have him with so I'm not too sad to cry
Will God forgive me though he loves me no less?
Could he possibly know, my soul feels so hopeless?
I pluck the flower of hope and behold the Devil's plot
To deceive the whole world before the last rose petal drops

Chorus Repeat
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