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Enora Lyrics

Love Outside Andromeda – Enora Lyrics

I can tell myself feelings are a human projection
Don't tell anyone else.
Sort it out yourself
Won't you stop to think every single thing you do is
For one human connection?
No you never did tell your shrink
In another star system you remember having wings

Don't you want to admit it?
Don't you want to get it right?
I saw you staring at the ground when I looked your
Girlfriend in the eye
I said I had perfection,... Possessed it right now
Still I was looking for a meaning in the furrow of your
You know we act like friends but I would cut off her
Head if she posed a threat
Sometimes I'd like her for myself but I would get
Behind the wheel and run her down if she posed a threat

(My name used to be)
What I really want is for you to be in love

I'll keep a brave face for you, imperial lover
Can't keep talking like we are two
I want you here to steal away the cold weather
I hope your heart's messing up your plans

Can't keep talking like we're...
Can't keep talking like we're...
Can't keep talking like we are
Talking like we are.
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