MEG: Mother did you watch? Everything is sold
Mother, can't you tell the new routine, it went so well
I was worried just a touch that it might have been too much
Just a bit, well... rather free
But just listen to that crowd,
Why they've never been so loud, screaming only for me

MG: Meg...

MEG: And the Master must have heard every note and every Word
Mother, tell me, did he see?

MG: Meg, stop it...

MEG: Even he will now conceive, I'm the only one he'll need
Mother, what's wrong?

MG: Meg, sweet fool, you did all that you Could
Shining bright and still not enough

MEG: What do you mean?

MG: All you've done, all entranced,
Y es, all but the one whose entrancement we sought

MEG: He wasn't there?

MG: Where, poor girl do you think that he was?
Yes, that's right, with her all along

MEG: With Christine?!

MG: Dreaming of the son they love,
Too smitten to spare you a moment of thought

MEG: What you said...

MG: All that you gave him it's all been a waste

MEG: You're wrong!

MG: All that you've done it has all been erased

MEG: Don't say that!

MG: Now he has them, and for us, we have both been replaced

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Mother, Did You Watch Lyrics

Love Never Dies – Mother, Did You Watch Lyrics