Don't kid yourself, it's childish to say, but simple to see:
You have no regrets, cause the blames on me...
Twelve more minutes till destiny, lets pick up the pieces.

Please don't wake me, this dream is surreal.
I have everything I wanted, I even have
Its been stepped on and broken, crushed, and confused,
Ive got high hopes of sleep with lack of you

You shattered my heart, you had your grip on it.
How did slip through my fingers?
You walked on out, and never looked back.
Now I'm left to pick up the pieces.

You wake every morning just like me,
Except for one thing: you don't have a dream,
A vision of then, a place in the sun,
A life to call your own.
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The Truth About Liars Lyrics

Love Me Electric – The Truth About Liars Lyrics