Another day comes to another end
Another kiss seals another hand
Another hand is setting free
Hidden tears I cannot see
While the moon is grinning a time
Lifting up my agony
Suffice it to say
I'll damn the whole day
Whole day
Heaven knows where heaven is
Heaven knows just what I miss
Keep the silence in embrace
I can't forget this happy face
Where are the
Frames of the happy days
Out of sight
The soughts of lust of love
Out of mind

The strength and the self respect
I could find
A head and a heart and a soul
It's really out of sight
Who's walking in this park
Who's singing in this dark
What am I supposed to do
Why am I searching for you
Moonlight please beware
The reality of despair
Open your mind set it free
Immortal agony
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Out Of Sight Lyrics

Love Like Blood – Out Of Sight Lyrics