In calling your name, I heard a voice
Yeah, somebody spoke to me spoke to me
We're one and the same, but you have a choice
And I hope that it's not like mine
I made a mistake; there's no turning back
You need to let go of me go of me
It may be too late for your dearest friend,
But know in your heart that you still have time
Whoa time whoa
Looking back now, I'd do it again
That choice was a part of me part of me
I was so far gone that it was the end,
But know in your heart that you still had time
Whoa time whoa
I can't say it's never too late, but it's not now
You never believed in fate,
So show me -- take control
Of your life just this time
Take control
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Take Control Lyrics

Love Is A Story – Take Control Lyrics