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Tea Time With Maseo Lyrics

Lovage – Tea Time With Maseo Lyrics

I said to her
Face reality
Why can't you face the truth?

And that ain't nothing but another name
For Hennessey

It's happening every day
And what is she gonna do about it?
She's just one person against all of us

It looks rough and grimy and grungy
Maybe a little bit more bleach
Maybe some more Woolite
Will help give it a whiter
Fresher smell

'Cause music is my whole life
I took
Singing lessons
Guitar lessons
Dancing lessons
Tap dancing lessons
(Yeah, it's mine)
I tried to learn how to play the drums
I took piano lessons
But I, I revolve around music!
And the people associated with it
And that means all the cute boys

Sorry, I don't, really, I don't
I don't have much technique at all
A big gallon of ketchup
Heinz ketchup
It's not so fatty on the meat
And um, it's juicy
And they have this Mu Shu sauce that goes very well
It's very zesty, and

He's really crazy
He's really horny
"Randy" is what they call it
He's puny too!
Those English dudes are so kinky!
God, Jimmy loves being beaten!

As for me, I'm known
For sweating pretty hard
If I don't wear any socks with my shoes
It's important for me
To put some baby powder in my shoes
To keep my shoes nice and fresh and clean
And smelling good
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