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Son-In-Law Lyrics

Louise Brown – Son-In-Law Lyrics

Son, I heard you shouting
Calling me those names
Better stop your big talk
Cause you're the one to blame

Son-in-law, son-in-law
Hey, you better change your tune
Mighty soon, son-in-law

Well, you drink up all your money
Can't even pay the rent
You call me names and then
You came to borrow fifteen cents

Son-in-law, hey
Look out boy, son-in-law
Here's a message
You better get it clear
I'm the boss round here

My daughter didn't listen
I told her you're a clown
She shoulda taken my advice
She shoulda shopped around

Hey, son-in-law
You know the devil gotta do
What he may do

You know you better play it cool
I ain't no fool, son-in-law
The solution I know is that
It's you who's gonna go

I don't like the way
You been treating my daughter
And messing around with
All these young chicks
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