I’m back, I’m back, he’s back, he’s back

Alley Boy is that trill?
Look out with Master P,
Dog tape, s*** it boy,
We’re gonna bring this shit across to the border,
Dc, dc, Atlanta, to...

Hustler, baller, gangsta, cap piller,
Who I be your neighborhood drug dealer,
A young nigga that’s ballin’
I make this no limit soldiers, we get raughty
I got something for you haters,
Y’all can’t taters, get more G’s that will made us,
Now I’m space ace pimping but not every ball,
Don’t many of stupid that league you’re fucking blood on the wall
Why we go psycho and no... Rifo,
I’m from the... Where we all get the light go,
And killing ain’t nothing but a hobby
Don’t make me do a fucking 187 robbery
Life is a brand new John, you tired up,
Use all lights the chicken so is time to get blood
Ball gangsta, keep wanna bet the chain up,
Don’t make me wear your ass like some 85 rangler,
Now you all screwed up, like dj screw,
Got my money nigga fuck you in your boo,
Got the fed on me, full of dope feet
Wear you from a little doll call New Orleans,
We’re blowing up like D12
But bitch don’t give a fuck ’cause they quit us in your ass the hell
The murder capital the world
Well niggas don’t give a fuck about you or your girl,
And if you come stuntin on them gold things
I’ma have to break you all some, break you all some
Uh, don’t make me break you all some.

Uh, let me set the shit straight add up working the tune,
Louie V my nigga master belt with the shoes,
A quarter brick niggas go off of your head,
Aka he’s the one got them youngers aiming at your hair,
We’re looking for work, up in the...
Tomorrow I got money looking for it
My soldiers hungry got it on me you know we put it on you
Play niggas in my city we here looking for this
We bout to break this niggas off, run up in their house
Keep my name at your mouth, more we have this speech out
Louie V my nigga, break em off my benz on your man
We gonna get you lost nigga.

Break you off somethin’, uhh
Don’t make me break you off somethin’
Set trill, break you off somethin’

Look, I’m a gangsta, ball up, hustler, cap piller,
I’m a district of Colombia, thug nigga
Fuck what you’re talking bout happen out with them lamas out
I told my mama I’m dropping out and I’m moving out
Don’t warn your mouth ’cause I come to see what you’re truly bout
The only Louie my nigga did ain’t front the south,
You don’t know how I rock, you only know I roll,
I know my money long, I know my money is getting old
I know I keep it coming, money power, money grow
I keep the diamond stack, traffic with my money go,
Living fast, I just hope that I’ma die slow,
With a pocket full of motherfucking bank roll.

Break you off somethin’, uhh
Don’t make me break you off somethin’
Break you off somethin’,
Don’t make me break you off somethin’
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Break You Off Lyrics

Louie V Mob – Break You Off Lyrics

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