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Don't Become A Cop Lyrics

Loudog – Don't Become A Cop Lyrics


You don't get a job,
Though you're tryin' and you stop
Believing that there's s.th. for you out there...
Don't you lose your faith
And don't do any mistakes
Though the devil on your shoulder's getting louder.

One thing I can tell you
Is you should never sell your
Soul and your body to the bad guys!
I know it's a temptation
But keep a little patience
'Cause when you go to fast you fall for their lies.

I can imagine it's kind of hard
If you don't know how to start
Working and gettin' money for a living.
But I think you should wait
For a good way to get payed;
Don't go to the enemy I'm not kiddin'!

Think about it now
I think that you're about
To be doin' a job that's making you an asshole.
I can guarantee
That this is going to be
Unsatisfying and stressfull...

Don't don't don't don't don't become a cop!
'Cause being a cop is fucked up!

If people don't get a job

And demonstrate you beat'em up.
Is that really what you wanna be doin' out there?
I know you don't, of course,
But the choice just ain't yours
When the chiefcommander behind you is getting louder.

You'll lose your selfesteem
And therefore you get mean,
Treatin' people like you are superior.
Don't you understand
That this gets out of hand:
You'll turn into a violent brainless creature.

So listen to my advice:
This is'n a propper price,
You shouldn't even be thinkin' about payin' that.
The way you would be changing
Ain't worth no stupid payment.
They're gonna make you aggressive, dumb and braindead!

Do you know how you can tell
A human from an animal?
Ever heard about the little thing called reason?
You just give it away
'Cause ev'ry order you obey...
Why would you wanna be a policeman?

Don't don't don't don't don't become a cop!
'Cause being a cop is fucked up!
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