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Sister Sleep Lyrics

Loud Family – Sister Sleep Lyrics

Girl, being close hurts
So I've called from the outskirts
With road noise at a phone booth
So we won't hear the whole truth

Bought this house, on a low bid
Where they moved out, like we did
When the needs of the renter
Pulled us far from the center

Last few holidays I was only thinking
How to get away, numb the chat with drinking
Still thinking like a son, saying something clever
They're here to push against, they won't be forever

A garment, heft me around
At arm's length, lay me out
On your chest, tuck your chin and wonder

Was it rude to sneeze? The allergist is leaving
First we do no harm, like expensive breathing
Am I saying what I'd be able to hear
Or what goes on the list ringing in the new year?

Ninety people walk
Down Haight Street, fill the block
And my job, keep my spacing even
See all ninety people
Be the even spacing

The comet brothers' friends arrive cow-eyed
Our car was dead, we ran, I swear we tried
Will sister sleep not kiss us on the mouth?
It's all we ever want from her

Hitler's icon leads the flight through space
Turns and finds it's own bent lines to chase
Will sister sleep not kiss us on the mouth?
It's all we ever want from her

There's no way to a quasar
They're flung out from us too far
Just by chance, maybe not more
We can touch what we live for
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