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Businessmen Are Okay Lyrics

Loud Family – Businessmen Are Okay Lyrics

Walking, clocking in with the residentials
It's mental, our old place is reoccupied
New is different from what we thought, more like old
More like muffler billboards when you're on foot outside

And so you're desperate enough to come around here
And curious what you're explaining away
And you think now agreements made should be kept
You've heard the prophet Elijah say businessmen are okay

Live also in the unfulfilled time
Phil is my brother's name, he's a distributor
For green mint candy, green for golf, green for growth
And sweet, so the teenagers know what it means

Do you take what is dropped like change in your hands
As what someone else thinks he's giving away
Has the arch-villain West uncurled his moustache
You've heard the wind on the Ganges say businessmen are okay
They sing karaoke

The attractive dissention in the twelfth grade
Is going to run out of dress suit legs in it's way
And as if for a tasty bone the whole dog
Is going to roll on it's back and say businessmen are okay
They sing karaoke
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