I wear this crown of pain
For all the world to see
Like a twisted badge of honor
For all the world to see
And like a gentle whisper
My voice will carry on
The silence drives you to madness
As it will when I am gone

Look upon my picture
Can you see me there?
A subtle hint of innocence
Although my heart will tear
Thought I am not present
Though I have moved on
I'll be here to remind you
Of exactly what you've done

I can't forgive you
No matter what you do
Though I may be empty
Though my time is through
I won't release you
From yourself until
Your fate has been completed
Your destiny fulfilled

Do you feel regret?
Have you any guilt?
Your conscience must still haunt you
In the life that you have built
I am not so bitter
As to wish you pain
Fate can be much crueler
Than I could hope to explain
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Haunted Lyrics

Lost Signal – Haunted Lyrics

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