I used to say I was ok
Until I learned the fault of my ways
Lying for the sake of acceptance
In a social palace, that's lost it's balance
And the feel of Venice couldn't be more like
My lies around me every night
Rivers rounding the bends and breaks
Like the frozen blood throbbing my veins
And the boats that split the waters edge
Come clean atop my fragile skin
And as the man inside keeps rowing
I can feel my anger keep on growing
I cannot stop the tides from coming
Or stop the currents that cause this roaring
I will not change the stars at night
Or make the moon shine more bright
And after being left alone
I can't decide where I should go
Do I stay and slowly drown?
Or should I reach for solid ground

Is this how it ends
I ask all the time
I sit alone and
Think of reasons why

It'll end like this
So sudden and so quick
Never took the time
Made like so brutal

To the point
It became fatal
To see your face within my life
Into your heart I'll go down
As a memory

So I thought up some reasons
That I wish weren't real
But it's all I could think up
It's so surreal

That all of this has gone
From beautiful to nil
It's the only thing
That's happened until

It starts all over
And we find ourselves lost
In the middle of this war
Into your heart I'll go down
As a memory, A memory

This is
As far
As we can go
This is
As far
As I'll let it go

You questioned
I answered
I had to let you go
You argued
I defend
I told you I would go

You wanted
Me to go
You wanted
Me to go
You wanted
Me to go
You wanted
Me to go

So here's to me and my best friend
It's your entire fault that all this has to end
Is this what you wanted us to be
When all of this had just started and began
On that winter night
When all I had was your light
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For Sake Of Reaction Lyrics

Lost In Translation – For Sake Of Reaction Lyrics