How long have you lived in the present.
It's getting harder to face.
Times passes like a watch in the night.
Waste your time, change your mind.
Before you spoil it, start over.
Decide and try to find.
Go up like a torch

I am tiny and you are too.
We stand to be supported by many
Thank and live with all the possibilities.
Never forget the locus.
You've been crawling, but
Dark clouds turn to clear skies by your sun.
Obey your eager plan.

You won't be able to smother the lingering light'

There's nowhere where you can run away.
Bring yourself back here again and again.

Your flame is still burning.
Remain until the pain is gone.
Pieces of broken star, It's you.
Take life as it comes, and you have to break

Confront your contradiction.
Choose not a life of standardization.
Focus on your blind, hold your ground.
I don't digest boring day.
I don't evade from the face.
The locus is not in vain.

To aware that a life is one of infinity like planetoid.
To brighten our souls up like planetoid.
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Planetoid Lyrics

Lost Eden – Planetoid Lyrics