Baby, my heart is breaking
And there's no hope, no hope inside

The sky is an ocean of darkness
No one, no one, no one to hold me
In the lonely night

Tell me, how can I
Oh, how can I forget you, oh
How can I go to sleep
When I know that I love you
I love you and always will

(Heart be still) oh, heart be still
(Heart be still) heart be still
(Heart be still) heart keep still now
(Heart be still) oh, yes, baby

(When you) when you're lonely
(Are lonely) oh, oh (and feeling)
And you're feeling so blue

(Think of) I want you to think it over
(The true love) baby, just think it over
(I gave to you) oh, think about
All the love that I gave to you

(You know you don't have to be alone)
Oh, no, you'll never, never have to be alone
(My arms) my arms are waiting, yeah
(Come home) come back home, baby
(Home) come back home, baby
Oh, oh, my arms are waiting

(Heart) oh, heart keep still be now
(Heart be still) maybe, maybe
You'll come backs some day
(Heart) heart keep still, yeah
(Heart be still) listen here, baby
Let me tell you something

(Heart) if you ever need me
(Heart be still) oh, if you ever want me
(Heart) you know the way, baby
(Heart be still) I ask you to now

(Heart, heart be still) baby, baby...
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Heart Be Still Lyrics

Lorraine Ellison – Heart Be Still Lyrics