And so it goes
Two nations, single-minded hate
When treaties fail
Condemn the world, it's ghastly fate

Of those who live
In troubled times, in terror's shroud
Always fear the worst
But never dare believe it's now

The time has come; it's the end of days
Our peaceful life: A ticking bomb
Our time has slipped away

And when there's nowhere to run
Fiery clouds of death that blanket the sun
And when the last war is "won"
No life remains, our world has turned to stone
And died in flames...

A grim demise
Black shockwaves herald toxic rain
And all who died
More fortunate than those who still remain

A tortured death
Blistered skin, the cancer grows
All lost, now feel the
Winter's kiss, I'll winds blow

[Repeat pre-chorus & chorus]

[Solo: Mark / lt]

The course of time
History's path, a legacy of hate
All sense denied
Descending to the end we helped create

And nothing learned
We're tracing circles once again
As the planet burns
Ashes to the winds
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The End Of Days Lyrics

Lord – The End Of Days Lyrics