A dream. a nightmare. I have seen strange figure
I have felt a strange sensation of fear and lust
Her dark veil. her bleeding mouth.
I want this unholy passion.
Now I have needed of you blood

Under the Carpathian sky
I fell the presence of ancient spirits. of vampires
The wolves sing dismal symphonies
Shadows around me.

The Countess. breaths on my neck.
Let the unholy ceremonial begins
This is the sin, of the hidden secrets,
Your body will be immolate to you
In honor of the black master

Nocturnal vampire's orgy!!!

Bloody communion of bodies
Unholy bleeding host
Tonight we deny Jesus Christ
Blasphemies in the evil bed
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Nocturnal Vampires's Orgy Lyrics

Lord Vampyr – Nocturnal Vampires's Orgy Lyrics