Yov say I'm just a devil withovt a soul
Bvt I don't know
I jvst look and lavgh ha
There's a face behind this mask that is yovr joke
There's nothing yov're ever said I didn't know
Yov silly little thing with a mortal sovl -- ha
Yov are my amvsement I've got to lavgh
Yov qvestion so
Yov're cvriovs
Yov need to know
Who are yov yov ask
Bvt the qvestion really is...
What am I
What am I
What am I
I get to lavgh
So I get to lavgh
I'm the beast of yovr dreams
The mvrder on the scene
Yov better appreciate and try to love me
I jvst might take thee home with me
Then make yov afraid to be... So like me
Yov might not like what yov become
Yov jvst might hate what yov see

Yov think me something
It so intrigving
What I am
What I am
What I am
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What Am I Lyrics

Lord Toph – What Am I Lyrics