Deep in the heat of the Bluff
And it really don’t seem like it was too long ago
When the attic fan would be runnin’
Mamma’d be in the kitchen
While Daddy was on the road
It was me and my brothers
And I was the baby of four
Though we barely had enough to eat
Too many times to count
Mamma taught us all what this was for

Little to nothing makes you just want things more

Folks said don’t get yourself in a hurry
You’ve got all the time in the world
So don’t worry
They’d say don’t try to get there
And do things too fast
Yesterday just came and went
And today’s already passed

Already it’s been years
Since Mamma and Daddy have gone
And one of my three brothers too
While the other brothers are alive
And doing well with their families
I’m just here
Tryin’ to figure out what to do

Looks like I’m startin’ all over
And so much came and went by so fast
So much I never got a chance to give to the ones
I’d want to do it all for

Little to nothing makes you just need to more
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Little To Nothing Lyrics

Lord Toph – Little To Nothing Lyrics