I rekindle the past when obscurity absorbed this land.
With bestial rejoice.
With comprehension of corporeal dissension,
I will cast you down and mock you.
-Down on your knees!
You feeble-minded hypocrite-behold the withdrawal,
It will resorb your righteous light and throw you into the eternal
"I can see the light fading away into the frozen
Overwhelmed with fire and flames I was forlorn of
Hope, but now I'll reclaim my domain. Abandoned souls on a voyage to
The exhumation of life
Revoke all the heretic ones and let them take form as
Dark as they used to be
"I can see the light fading away into the frozen shadows"
I throw the crucifix, in front of your so called god. I
Am rejoiced to see his downfall.
I mock you-righteous ones
I mock you-false dissemblers
I mock you-crawling ones
I curse you to the frozen shadows.
All those who try to come back shall be burnt at the
Stake. You're all forlorn by your god. I've reclaimed my domain and
I will neglect your existence.
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Into The Frozen Shadows Lyrics

Lord Belial – Into The Frozen Shadows Lyrics