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Abandoned Eden Lyrics

Lord Azmo – Abandoned Eden Lyrics

Into the center of your eyes...
I was staring for along time
Searching for a reason to live
Searching for a way to walk
I found a broken pride
I found a naked soul...
And some unreal smiles
I found my Eden...

Again I asked you... do you know who you are?
... deceitful love and weakness
Unquestionable lies of mankind here
... submission, surrender
Enslaved forevermore by life...

I crossed the entrance of emotions
And suddenly I stopped breathing
And seasons passed since then
Now your ghost have melted eyes
And your voice is roaring... with emptiness
Now your ghost have twisted lips
And your mind... distorted... with shame

The rains are coming down from the stars
With the fever of the mourning days
... submission, surrender
Enslaved forevermore by life...

But still I am frozen... wearing my sun
And the moon is still staring...
Like a mad man through winter's wind
Screaming... I am alone
I am alone...

Beneath the veil of the night everybody is sleeping... like the dead
And I am lost in this haze
And consumed by all the written words
Still I don't dare to write my will

Someday I'll hold the pen...
And I will write my will

Memories flashing for the last time
And Cracked scenes of reality appear
I'll try to reach my peace, silently
And rest my body from all these pains
If I ask forgiveness to this knife...
Would it forgive my fragile flesh tonight?
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