Feat. Timbuktu
In the year 2000, watch out for Looptroop
Coming to reclaim a city near you
It's Timbuk with the truth, detonate your city like a nuke
And duck from blue suits and cop boots
Headline the news and reclaim the avenues
Scare them nazi crews with rap attitudes
Cause mass media's polluting the nation
This is my Swedish history exclamation
I'd rather stand up for my views in handcuffs
This shit you can't trust, get fucked and banged up
Back in the days the state helped Hitler
Now they're trying to arrest me for packing rizla
I can't live the law that they speak
My cause is deep, I keep prowl while you're asleep (Yes!)
Cause me and Promoe, keep a low pro
A big bro catch us on a satellite photo
So when the punk police roll up from light, what
You want an autographed poster?
You cops are the same all over the world
Wanna brush me with the night sting
Charge me with anything, the mic stink
How sick can y'all get?
Timbuktu's the terrorist target
Excuse me, sergeant, you need a pause for breathing
I'm gonna put my hands on a mic where you can see them
And yes, I use profanity and foul language
You can point your fingers at me cause I'm the bandit
That's how they planned it, so I can look like the enemy
fucking with us [?] , the melody
This here's a 28 bar felony
Rounded with the Looptroop to reclaim your city
[Chorus: Cos. M. I. C]
Nowadays, who got rights? The people? Not quite
Can you truly say that you feel safe in daily life?
I try to rise cause the way I see democracy
Got to be the opposite of your hypocrisy
A cop to me is like a certified murderer

Who push you down mentally and physica
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Reclaim The City (Feat. Timbuktu) Lyrics

Looptroop – Reclaim The City (Feat. Timbuktu) Lyrics