I had a dream i did compete in a heavenly contest
My hands were brick and super-thick and I was quick and weightless
My skill was sharpened pins and razor blades and it was pointless
My foes had toes arrange w/ straw and they were barely balanced
I was a freedom fighter freely fighting reeling lions
They were a really lightning quick exciting boiling frying
Experience in lighting matches in a kitchen fire
Against my chest I felt this melting wax and I was happy

My cock, painfully huge
My foot, is better than yours
You can't undress as fast as I can do it
You do it w/ one foot I do it w/

The mat was wet with holy sweat as i displayed my talent
My hands and feet made godly meat available for sandwich
The bread of hair and face displaced the chest and stomach salad
I spread the mustard of his muscle puss across my palate
I was unleashing on unleashings cost and being costly
It was a really broad excuse for my impending failure
The locker room was steaming food and tea for my abuses
I'll make a GYRO shop of human stock and make a fortune
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I Beat God At Tae Kwon Do Lyrics

Look What I Did – I Beat God At Tae Kwon Do Lyrics