Have you been laid low
From the get-go
On the road in fine little pieces

Did you hear bells
And the echoes
Of faraway horns in bone dry places

How many lampposts
Light up the night sky
Spitting bright white heat
Like the spokes of stars

Have you seen their books
And in the pages
The plain truth and the hard-won fiction
The sleek stain of a slow-acting poison
Creeping its way down

In the trembling ground
Around the flagpole
Out in the dustbowl
And in the wrought iron bars over the window

They came for the promise of a great reward
And stayed for the golden view
And when the gales blew sparks
On the travelers in the dark
Well, they made do

You got your freedom
And it weren't for nothing
If you can hold down the note and sing it out
Remember you were born to the whispering world
With a shout

Is this your religion
What keeps you up nights
Who writes the paychecks
Who games the markets

Who runs the cables
Who owns the papers
Who spanned the oceans
Carved out the acres

Ground down the mountain
Who made the motors
Laid down the train tracks
And corralled the soldiers

In through the loopholes
Out the escape clause
Between the captions
And guidelines and bylaws

Rolled down the falls in a big wooden barrel
Over the goal line
And into a parade of bright red costumes
Shining batons
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Shout Part 1 Lyrics

Look Park – Shout Part 1 Lyrics