Been up here
Almost too long
It's only fair they should start to raise the fare
And I
Been laughing almost too hard
You replaced my heart then I'm left to
Stitch it up
And it only goes to show you can
Live with what you don't know and
Every step you're ever gonna take now
Only thing I do know
Jesus Christ
I'm on fire when you smile
Jesus Christ
I retire
It's so easy I don't believe a word
Love junkie gone over to the edge and he
Been thinking if I could see you now
I'd make you say this exists or not at all
Would it be too much to ask
If there's some one over there
Who gets every joke
And always in the same place
Only thinking I can't face
Jesus Christ
You give me such such hope
I need you more
You're all I know
Been up here almost too long
It's only plain they should start to see the stains
And I'm sorry
What I said before
You realised it up then you had to bleed the cut
And it makes an even keel of it
All I'm gonna see from it oh it won't go
Help me dig my own hole
Help me dig my own hole
Jesus Christ
You give me some hope
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Jesus Christ Lyrics

Longpigs – Jesus Christ Lyrics

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