Bury the dead (right sided) as a symbol of acceptance in paradise. Devour sorrow with a distorted vision of heaven and oblivion that is the end
Let’s dream of oblivion, maybe it gives some sensation that life is ours to behold. But only in mirrors of desolation's unknown speech
In desolation we try to understand sadness in a melody of despair, where the noble quest of its spirit is only known at the end
Where we can only see the distant light of the notes; presenting comfort for a moment, a brief moment of realization

In accepting struggle as a part of the journey in an aura of self-actualization, we can visualize the end of the beginning
In longfulness we must remember lust and past misery. We must climb the mountain so we can ride it down “William Faulkner

The ability to sing in minor notes with such depth that enables a major smile of relief, is the bottom of a paradise’s essence… so we run while we sing in an abstract picture from a dream I yearn to exist

The very first action taken by a child in order to breathe in life is to weep; a concept that makes joy an extension of lament and paradise an extension of misery.
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My Own Vision Of Paradise Lyrics

Longfulness – My Own Vision Of Paradise Lyrics

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