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Chupa Chups Lyrics

Lonemoon – Chupa Chups Lyrics

[Verse 1: lonemoon]

First things first, why you talk like a bitch?
I wouldn’t hit, but you look like a lick
My muscle twitch, make a hit for some drip
I gotta make it a quick, never to take your shit

It’s another one, they don’t want her in the world
Imma keep on going just to make them mad for real
Ha, I don’t need no damn Chanel
I’m so bitchin’, I’m so bitchin’, and I’m hunting for the kill

Fuck that, I don’t need your attitude, I be rollin’ with the crew, baby maybe you could too
Sike! I don’t need you by my side
I don’t need you in my life
You can eat it, you can die

You can beat it, I don’t need it, oh I’m bleeding, I don’t lie
I don’t mean it, but I mean it, you should perish in a fire
Baby bleed it, baby bleed it, you can dream up an alliance of these people; they be leaving, and they leaving you so dire

Whoa, check out the pace
I make me dinero when I pour me up an eight
“Meow” on my wrist, she thinks I’m cute, I set her straight
I don’t leave her, I don’t leave her, leave her? Yes, okay

Oh, poor lady, ooh, I could really love her I should tell her ass the truth
Bitch, I get up and I make myself a coup, I’m against this crooked system til I’m givin life the deuce

Keep a good grip, hold it tightly
Grind the game until this shit is my scene
Bitch you do not need to see my id
You could never ever be on my team

Check out the cross, makin’ it talk
Bitch, I’m a goddess, fuck what It cost
She got a big big bag up in her socks
She got the contraband stuff in her docks

It’s that spooky ass bitch with the all white kicks
With a tall ass bitch, next to her I’m just a kid
Run up in your residence, you gon’ see me in a bit, wait wait, what’s the ‘sitch
Uh, uh, let it hit

I survived when you told my ass to die
I’m alive, laugh, look in your eye
You can make me choke, but you can’t make me lie
I’m a prize, I don’t have a price
Can’t deny, I look like a dime
Gimme time, all I need is time
In my life, Imma take the things I want I’ll make ‘em mine
Imma be an icon, that’s on I

[Verse 2: Mars Deli]


Bitch, ain’t enough O’s in your paycheck
I be super high, I’m on the apex
She tryna fuck, but, I ain’t got no latex
Took my heart out, replace it with a tape deck

Gotta fuck a bad bitch ‘fore the day start
Told the police I ain’t see shit like I’m Ray Charles
I be workin’ everyday, I’m finna play hard
If you owe me better pay me for the late charge

I’m with Luna, that’s my sis
Blowin’ down a brick
You can’t tell me shit
Had to switch the fit

Gave the bae the blade, tell the bitch let it rip
I can tell if you a sucker, ‘cause you lookin’ like a lick

[Verse 3: lonemoon]

When I say I smell a bitch, I can smell a bitch
Keep a blade tucked if they wanna try again
If you knew what I did, I wouldn’t be so quick
Blow your shit away with the shit I think is brisk

When I roll up purple weed, them crystals work, dawg
Got you think that I be killin’, bitch I murk all
You suckers just got a tongue
Bad bitch on me
You got negative one

You ain’t got none, I don’t mean to be blunt
Nigga ain’t just pussy he ain’t nothin’ but a cunt
Cuttin’ a body, I’m popping, I’m popping, and then I’m just choppin’ it up
Sleep like a baby just an hour after it’s done

[Dj Tag: lonemoon]

The sun spites me
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