Though at first I thought it true
I'd be fine if no one knew
They all said he's too clever
Then I grew to know the game
Knew I'd never be the same
Come with me and live forever

In October
Nothing's ever the same
In October
They'll all remember my name

In the night I come to call
Down a dimly lighted hall
And I step through your door
Though you don't believe it's true
I have cast a spell on you
As you cry and beg for more


Come the night, shadows fall
Solo flight, it's curtain call
Don't even try I'll always win
Cos it's my job to do you in
You know my name, I turn away
I'll just be back another day
Be it here or at your grave
May you always have your soul to save

Just one more moment left
To taste the sweetness of your neck
Then I'll be on my final flight
You know you have no control
Even I need someone to hold
When you're scared of the light

I've been around for centuries
Bringing women to their knees
When I say
We'll always be together
You ask what will become of me
Just look into my eyes and see
Come with me
And live forever
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October Lyrics

London After Midnight – October Lyrics